Happy International #IPAday … We’re back!

ipadayWe’re back! It’s been a long time, and we’ve missed you as much as we hope you have missed us.  If you haven’t heard, we have expanded the team to include the indelible Laurie Delk from The Promiscuous Palate.

We’ve been planning our return for a few months, trying to make sure that we have all the ducks in a row so we can actually stick around this time, so of course, we figured what better day to make our grand return the interwebs than on International #IPAday ..

So this week, Bill debunks the myths surrounding IPAs, Laurie talks about lists and how the craft beer community will cut a bitch when their favorite beer is not included on said lists, and Stephen tells the story of his first IPA and how while he once hated it, he loves it now.
We start off drinking a fabulous bottle of Stone Brewing Company’s RuinTen, while Bill educates you on the history of IPA and debunks the myths you’ve all heard at the bars about how those IPAs started out. Following that we enjoy an East Coast version of the IPA from Dogfish Head Brewing Co, 90 Minute IPA, while each of use goes around the table and talks about the very first IPA that left a mark on us.


Enjoy International #IPAday and let us know what you’re drinking today!

Know what you drink!

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3 Responses to Happy International #IPAday … We’re back!

  1. Sherman420 says:

    I have been waiting so long guy’s I am so happy to have expert drinking back and thanks john for fixing the older posts now I know what I’m going to do tonight. Love Laurie as an addition can not wait for more episode’s. PS are they going to be weekly, bi weekly or monthly

    • Stephen says:

      Thanks bud! Cheers !

      We’ll be releasing once a week, on Monday’s starting next Monday

      • Sherman420 says:

        Can not wait Stephen once a week to sooth my soberly challenged body. There may be a package this winter coming to guys to review on NBT just saying. :) You Fan Sherman From Pa

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